Decluttering my life - one step at a time

August 08, 2012


While I have been been decluttering part of my environment due to the move ahead, other parts of my environment had yet been untouched.

So, I decided to take it one step further and cleaned out my Facebook friends list. I must have unfriended about 35 'friends' and while I felt a little bit apprehensive about it at first, I felt relieved after. Why should I be sharing what's currently going on in my life with people I went to school with but haven't spoken to since and even some that I didn't get along with particularly well back then? And why should I be feeling guilty about making the choice to unfriend them? What does 'friend' mean on Facebook anyways?

It was a bit tougher when it came to friendships that had meant a lot to me once but had deteriorated over time. But I decided that if I felt they were slightly toxic friendships to begin with, I let go of them.

Now, only people that I would be happy to bump into on the street make up my friends list and I feel relieved and somehow calmer knowing that I do really have the control to release anything unwanted and only take on my new journey what's welcome.

I've also spent a part of my weekend deleting old emails. I was stunned when I discovered that I had more than 13,000 emails in my inbox. Now, of course I didn't see them every time I logged into my email account but they were sitting in the archive and cluttering it up. When embarking on a new journey, making room for something new just becomes so important. So, I deleted about 11,000 emails and let go of the last couple of emails from ex-boyfriends I had unknowingly kept, emails from people I wasn't friends with anymore, emotionally charged emails and the works... and it feels good.

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