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July 11, 2010

So, because I've been feeling a bit *blah* lately without being able to point a finger at what exactly is 'wrong', I haven't really posted here. Apart from the odd shopping update, obviously.

And because I needed something, I ordered Martha Beck's Enjoy Your Life or The Joy Diet, for those of you from the US. I love the way she writes and her great sense of humour. And today marks my first day of the joy diet.

For the first week, the goal is do absolutely nothing for fifteen, better twenty minutes a day. Sounds easy enough, but man, it's tough. So today I meditated for twenty minutes. The first five minutes I basically spent sitting there going 'this is soooo boring'. But then it's like you flick a switch and you can feel yourself calming down. And afterwards you just feel a lot more grounded and aware.

So, until this becomes second nature, you're not allowed to move on to the second step of the joy diet. The idea is that you spent a week on every step. Or longer, depending on how long it takes you to make this step a habit.

So, until next Sunday, my goal is to spend 20 minutes meditating every single day. Wish me luck... or endurance. ;)

PS: Hoping to post some of the pictures I took during last week soon.

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