Tried & Tested - Lush Emotibomb.

January 26, 2010

Lush Emotibomb Double Fast Luck

So, I got this from my sister for Christmas and finally got around to testing this last week. Emotibombs are basically bath bombs, but for the shower. You put them onto your shower floor, let them fizz up and inhale the rising steam.

Let me first say, the scent is absolutely gorgeous. It smells quite exotic, of Patchouli, Orange and Citrus. Plus, it's pink and sparkly, what more could a girl want?

Well, something that lasts a bit longer, maybe. As advised by Lush I put this onto my shower floor, turned on the water and inhaled the spicy, citrusy fragrance as it rises with the steam. Since I take rather long showers, the Emotibomb dissolved very quickly though, but the scent lasted long after it was gone.

So, I've figured that it might be better to break it into smaller pieces, put the remainder in a ziplock bag and reuse it later. Don't get me wrong, the scent is lovely and it lingered for quite a while, I just wish the emotibomb hadn't dissolved as quickly as it did.

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Nicole Jeannette said...

Mmm a warm bath sounds lovely right about now! I love your blog! Let's be blog friends :)