Wise Words Wednesday.


Arianna Belle said...

I love these! I'm going to save them in my inspiration file so I can look at them every so often :-)

red food colouring said...

out of clutter find simplicity.

love that. thank you. i needed to hear that today with a laundry pile up to my nose.

newestface said...


Greetings from India !

I saw your blog.
I like it .
It is very simple but very powerful.
Therefore I have taken the liberty to write this mail.

I was moved by the articles on
1.I like birds

2.little wave

3.loving the colors

In this occassion i wish to point out a news which i read today in the news paper about Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Indian subcontinent and his Irish friend.
The link is added below.


Best wishes
Newest Face